Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two portraits of Sam Salz by Ensor and Vuillard.

"Portrait of Sam Salz", by James Ensor, 1929, opaque watercolor on paper, 10"-12", the Philadelphia Museum of Art. James Ensor was a Belgian painter who's paintings were sometimes of masks and sculls. They were often deliberate political commentaries and many times disturbing in their black humor. My father Sam Salz was one of Ensor's dealers and a good friend who set up some of his later still lifes with sea shells. Above is a portrait by Ensor which is now in the Philadelphia Museum of Art which owns paintings that were once in the collections of Louis Stern and Henry McIlhenny who both bought from Sam Salz. Ensor dedicated it to him: "For Salz, the ace of art past, present and future".

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