Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Portrait of Moshe Soffer(Salz)" by Sam Salz. Sepia ink on paper. He was my father's father and my grandfather. He was a Torah scribe and an astronomer who died in the Holocaust(1941). He was shot by the Nazis and his two daughters, my aunts, died on a forced march to Bergen Belsen concentration camp. They were evacuated from their town of Radomysl in what is now Poland (Galicia). My father donated a park in Jerusalem in his memory. It is called the "Moshe Salz Garden" and is located near the Israeli government buildings and the Knesset. There is a link on this blog ("Birthplace of Sam Salz") to the Yizkor book on Radomysl. The site describes life in the town before the Nazi invasion and what happened to the victims in the camps and after the war. For another site on Radomysl Wielki go to:

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